Steffen Morrison is a highly acclaimed soul artist based in Amsterdam, renowned for his exhilarating performances and poignant songwriting. His early influences include iconic musicians like James Brown, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Teddy Pendergrass. Steffen's music is a dynamic fusion of classic soul and rock & roll, brimming with raw emotion and energy, which he delivers with an authentic and captivating style that resonates with audiences worldwide.

In 2016, Steffen released his debut EP "Just Another Man," featuring the hit single "Do It All Again," which was executive produced by the renowned Dutch songwriter and producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis. Together with his band, "The Band of Brothers," he mesmerized a packed crowd at Paradiso with his new music. In 2018, Steffen released his first full-length album "Movin' On," which was a collaborative effort with Andy Platts, Luke Juby, and Tjeerd Oosterhuis.

“Steffen Morrison is a name to take into account within the international marketplace” Citas, La Vanguardia 

In 2019, Steffen embarked on his first international tour with a successful summer tour in Spain. His performances earned him rave reviews from the Spanish media for his album and live performances, with La Vanguardia praising Steffen for transcending mere revival and Radio Televisión La Canaria lauding him as "one of the most important international artists of the genre.”

In 2020, Steffen released his second studio album, "Soul Revolution," which showcased a more personal approach to songwriting and storytelling about his Surinamese roots. The album solidified Steffen's status as a leading voice for soul music hailing from the Netherlands.

“Steffen Morrison is one of the most important international artists of the genre” Radio Televisión Canaria.

In 2022, the NTR released a documentary called "UUR VAN DE WOLF: The Soul of Steffen Morrison," which spotlighted the charismatic soul singer and his music. Steffen is currently working on his third studio album, set to be released in May 2023, and fans eagerly anticipate his latest creations. The album draws heavily from Steffen's live performances, and he takes pride in how the songs capture the energy and vibe of his shows.